Spiritual Abuse Happens When We Put God in a Box

There’s been a recent discussion on this site in the “Is the IFB a Cult” article that got me thinking about this idea that we put God in a box.  Some may be wondering what exactly that means to “put God in a box” so let me start by explaining it briefly.

For the context of this article the phrase “to put God in a box” means that a person conceptualizes God in a way that puts limits on how we come to an understanding of who he is.  Putting God in a box does not leave room for an individual relationship with Christ and it tries to squeeze people into a pre-conceptualized belief system or mold of a particular way of thinking.  What typically happens is, a person or religious system formulates an idea about something, conceptualizes it as “truth” and then expects people to follow those ideals as truth.  People who don’t follow those ideals as truth are labeled as spiritually immature and/or rebellious. Continue reading Spiritual Abuse Happens When We Put God in a Box