1. greg

    Many good points here! Rather than talk specifically about any one of them, I would just like to say that, unfortunately, in many IFB’s “not all” – women are treated like second class citizens. You see absolutely no sign of that with Jesus. Jesus recognized the value and worth of everyone. In fact you could actually say that Jesus was a champion of women’s rights!!

  2. Mike

    Jesus was, indeed, a champion of women’s rights, but more than that, he was a champion of human rights, especially those who are marginalized by society which sadly includes countless women around the world. For a so-called church treat women as anything but first class citizens is unthinkable and unconscionable.

  3. Jamey

    I agree with both of you. I am not a proponent of the Women’s Liberation Movement as it is currently, but I do know that after leaving the IFB, I was liberated. It is nice to be able to have my own opinion. It is nice to have my own voice on issues. It is nice to be treated like a lady who has a contribution to make and not as someone who is subordinate to a male strictly because I am a woman.

  4. John

    Interesting… I agree with the post as a whole concerning the way women are to be treated. Although, I also find it interesting that I have never personally been to an IFB church that has held this stance (I’ve been to a few dozen of them in addition to churches of different denominations). I know they’re out there becuase FBC Hammond does that and I’ve seen videos of it. It is indeed a despicable thing to treat women in such a fashion.

  5. Shannon

    Good read! I really enjoy the story of the woman with the issue of blood. As I’ve heard it put “she didn’t do it the Sunday school way!” She broke all the rules to get to Jesus. If she went to an IFB church, they would have expelled her. Women did not touch men back then and especially not an unclean woman touching a rabbi! She broke the church rules to get to her Savior and He did not condemn her for it!

  6. Julia Jones

    Ephesians 5:21-24 Reminds me of ‘Separate but Equal’.
    Jimmy Carter wrote an excellent article “Losing My
    Religion for Equality”. He describes leaving the Southern Baptist Convention after serving for decades due to the abuse and discrimination of women. He has spent many years since fighting for the human rights of women world wide.

    He stated that for centuries men in the clergy have had the choice to exalt or subjugate women. He states that for their own selfish interests, they chose the latter.

  7. Julia Jones

    The cherry picking of the scriptures is a huge problem and not just for the IFB. It’s interesting too that Jesus never said a word about the evils of slavery. How fortuitous for the land and slave owners. I sense a pattern of intensional manipulation of ALL religions. But this order for women to “submit” is vulgar. Jesus may have said it, but most in the clergy have turned it into something vulgar and extremely harmful to women and children.

    I smell a human rat!


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