1. Grace

    Wow. I didn’t realize it was that bad. I knew that IFB churches were radical in their faith and were anti-baby baptism, but didn’t realize just how deep they were in the resolution of seperation. Christ said there is one church, one body. Where do they get the idea that it is ok to say “you do things your way and we’ll do it the right way…but we still love and accept you. We just won’t work with you.” That does not hold up to the one body scripture…and if, in fact, they are a strictly new testament church they should be a totally inclusive denomination…not exclusive…getting of my soap box now…

  2. Sisterlisa

    If I used that same philosophy I would have to treat them this same way. However we need to read each scripture in context and take into consideration the entire paragraph and what God is really saying. The analogy story is exactly what it’s like. They believe that if you leave an IFB church, you had better choose another IFB Church or you’re out of sync and headed for destruction.


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