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You Might Be an Independent Fundamental Baptist if…

you might be an independent fundamental baptist if...My writing tends to be somewhat heavy and serious so every once in a while I like to add some humor to lighten things up a bit.  Please don’t mistake this for a lack of respect or an attempt to minimize the seriousness of the abuse that happens among the Independent Fundamental Bapitsts.  This is simply an attempt to bring some humor to the blog for the reader’s enjoyment.

Inspired by Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be A Redneck If… I came up with a similar list of items for the IFB.  See if you recognize any.  If you have others please feel free to share in the comments section…

1.  If you think that the KJV is inspired, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

2.  If you confuse the KJV with the KJB, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

3.  If you refuse to use any other Bible version than the KJV because you think it’s either too “worldly”, sinful or less accurate, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

4.  If you think that you should cut your vacation short so that you can make it back in time for Sunday morning Sunday School, but think it’s OK that your pastor miss a Sunday or two because he’s on vacation, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

5.  If you think that tithing 10% of your gross income is the minimum, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

6.  If you think that the title “Pastor” is a synonym for “the Man of God” or “the voice of God”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

7.  If you think that anything other than what your church teaches about salvation is “easy believism”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

8.  If you think that three church services per week is the minimum and that you must attend all three every week, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

9.  If you believe going to the movies is a sin but not renting movies or watching them on TV, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

10.  If you think anything other than a suit and tie for men is too “casual” for Sundays, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

11.  If you believe women shouldn’t wear pants, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

12.  If you think that more than one earring per ear for women is “worldly”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

13.  If you believe that using guitars in church is too liberal, yet you listen to patch the pirate who uses guitars, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

14.  If you think that singing anything other than hymns in church is too liberal, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

15.  If you believe that clapping after special music is wrong because it gives praise to the performer rather than to God, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

16.  If your pastor begins his sermon by reading one verse then yells and pounds the pulpit for the next 30 minutes, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

17.  If you think that reading a version of the Bible other than the KJV is a sin, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

18.  If you think that “secular music” (i.e., anything other than old time gospel hymns) is sinful, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

19.  If you think that tattoos are marks of the Devil, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

20.  If you go to a church that sings/plays “Just As I Am” at the end of every service, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

21.  If your church has a tract rack outside the sanctuary, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

22.  If you think that the hymnal in the pew is inspired by God, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

23.  If your church funnels in inner city kids via a bus ministry, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

24.  If your pastor preaches against smoking because it is “bad for the body” but is himself an obese glutton, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

25.  If you believe that the wine referred to in the Bible is nothing more than “fruit of the vine” (AKA grape juice), you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

26.  If you refuse to eat at a restaurant because they serve alcoholic beverages, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

27.  If you feel compelled to go door to door witnessing (or were compelled to visit a nursing home as a teen), you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

28.  If you believe that going to (or sending your child to) a college that’s not approved by the IFB (e.g., Bob Jones University, Pensacola Bible College, Baptist Bible College, Hyles Anderson College, Tennessee Temple University) will cause you (or your child) to become “worldly” or will provide an undue “worldly” influence on you (or your child), you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

29.  If you believe that state accreditation for a college is bad because it means that the government dictates what that college can/does teach, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

30.  If you believe that declining to spank your child is the equivalent to spoiling him/her, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

31.  If you believe that women are inferior to men and are to be submissive to their husbands, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

32.  If you are careful to not show any emotion while singing for fear that you could be considered dancing, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

33.  If you laugh (snicker, sneer, roll your eyes, etc.) at people who raise their hands during worship music you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

34.  If you believe that all Catholics are going to hell, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

35.  If you believe that attending an IFB church is the only way to hear the true gospel and get saved, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

36.  If you believe that the IFB isn’t a denomination because they are “Independent”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

37.  If you look down on people who are divorced, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

38.  If you believe that God can’t use a divorced man and pull out your Scofield Bible to show why, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

39.  If a child is behaving like a child (i.e., appropriate for his/her age), but you think they are being misbehaving and rebellious, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

40.  If you pray using KJV language (thee, though, ye, etc.), you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

41.  If you feel guilty for not having “devotions” 7 days a week, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

42.  If you attend a church that has a team of men who are charged with keeping an attendance count each Sunday, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

43.  If you believe that doing, saying, thinking, etc. anything that even remotely appears to be “worldly” means that you aren’t being “separate”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

44.  If you believe that secular psychology is “worldly”/sinful, but don’t think that other areas of medicine are OK, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

45.  If you think that mental health issues (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.) are the result of sin and poor choices, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

46.  If you believe that you will be rewarded or punished according to whether or not you’ve tithed faithfully, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

47.  If you believe that everyone who opposes IFB doctrine is just bitter, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

48.  If you believe that your health issue is the result of sin in your life, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

49.  If you think that any rational thought is dangerous because it may lead you to believe something different than what the IFB believes, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

50.  If you believe that you can tell who the “good” Christians are and who the “bad” Christians are by looking at the “fruit” in their lives, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

51.  If you believe that someone who smokes, drinks, parties, dances, listens to secular music, listens to Christian contemporary music, etc. or any combination of the above isn’t really saved because of that/those behavior(s), you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

52.  If you think that having a disagreement with a fellow Christian means that you are “sowing discord with the brethren”, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

53.  If you think that you can be a better Christian or have more favor with God with good performance, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

54.  If you think that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist

55.  If you believe that perfection is something to strive for and/or attain this side of heaven, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist


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  1. Yes, I remember that. They said “no mixed bathing”.

  2. You might be an IFB if Your child has went to church there 3x a week, his whole life, but when he leaves the church, your to have nothing to do with them. Told to leave them to the hog mire until they return to the father..
    This is assuming that the parable of the prodigal son is some kind of instruction on how to deal with a troubled child…
    This is an assumption.. The parable of the prodigal son is talking about Israel the younger and Judah the elder.
    God divorced Israel but Not judah..Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of WHAT?? JUDAH. God’s people are the Jews.. from Jew-da…judah. Jesus said” I came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.. Judah has always been with God. Israel was the prodical.. judah is the elder son that was jealous of israel.. Study ” The prodigal son and the two houses of Israel. THE PARABLE IS NOT A GUIDE NOR DID JESUS SAY THAT ITS A MAP ON HOW TO DEAL with a wayward child!! Whether u believe it’s talking about judah/Ephraim or not

  3. I was in an IFB church for eight years and left because the weight of never feeling that I would be good enough for this church had worn me down.

    There are some things that the IFB does very well, such as fellowship. The women that I befriended in this church will always be my sister in Christ.

    I will cut to the chase: my Pastor and his wife took a much needed vacation a few years ago. Much to their horror, they could not find a church that had a Wednesday night service anywhere in the area. They were so grieved by the fact that they had broken a 30+ year record of being at church three times a week. They had made an idol out of church attendance. In thinking back, I see that the church was filled with tiny idols like that. But I still think that every Christian should spend some time in an IFB church. I did learn a lot.

  4. It is interesting that you refer to IFB as viewing divorce people as being inferior Christians and are forbidden to hold any leadership positions in the church looking to their Scofield Bibles for direction. They simply do not know and probably lack the ability to do the research, but Cyril I. Scofield was a Confederate soldier who left his wife and two children and later remarried another woman. And yet, they honor the Scofield Bible!!! IFB people as a whole, are generally willfully ignorant people.

    1. Scofield came to know Christ AFTER all of that, so I don’t hold that against him. What surprises me, though, is that he was ordained as a pastor and actually called to pastor DL Moody’s church in Massachusetts as a divorced man. That is contrary to Bible doctrine for a pastor. However, it wasn’t Baptists that ordained him and of the IFB folks I know, they are lukewarm to the Scofield bible.

  5. Being a IFB preacher, I confess a lot of truth here.

    1. WHY do children that leave IFB churches hardly ever come back? I’m told it’s because when u abandon the real truth, there’s hardly any hope.
      In the past 25 years, I’ve seen many children leave but very few come back. Out of over 30 , maybe 5 in 25 years
      If this method were a stock, who would invest in it with such a low return. I’m convinced that it’s much much deeper than rejecting real truth .. many many come back in southern Baptist churches, but not ifb churches.. what say u

  6. Are these points form the KJV Bible or is it carved from the principles from scriptures. Baptists are people of the Bible and not fellings. If we must consider these points as a point for consideration, these ought to be a source form the Bible.

    1. Read the beginning of the article

  7. You might be an independent Fundamental Baptist if

    …you DVR the Superbowl (or watch sport center on your phone in the vestibule) because you can’t miss church.

    … the appearance of things is more important than reality, aka, you will cover up abuse and silence victims in order to “protect the name of Christ”.

  8. And they’re most likely convinced that Donald Trump’s election is really going to make their civil life better!

  9. Of course these cultural attachments border on the cultic, no doubt are legalistic, and hopefully will disappear eventually as the old guard depart their bondage in this life for Glory! How about shortchanging the Lord out of 20 minutes of Sunday service time worship for “game show” gimmickry hype to boost attendance? Oh yes, and he forgot the most important, essential factor–related to KJV reliance–virtual ignorance of and illiteracy in biblical Hebrew and Greek!!!!!!!!

  10. Growing up in a very conservative IFB church, I can personally attest to how accurate most of these were. They are as tragic as they are true and yes the IFB movement went ver overboard on many standards and traditions. That being said, I just want to warn the author about injecting too much of his own agenda into these posts. I get the vibe that you were alienate by IFB movement at some point, as were a lot of us, but don’t try to use that as an excuse to go on a crusade against fellow believers. Whether we worship with hymns or hands int he air praise and worship songs, we are all suppose to be on the same side. Get over it and work to rebuild the relationships instead of tearing down. People are more willing to change their ways when confronted in love rather then with criticism and bitterness.

  11. Happily a “brainwashed Bible-folk” for about 28 years with more peace in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and a firm foundation of absolute truth to stand on (yes, that’s the KV, haha!). If this life of inner peace is what I can have without feeling the need to write long lists then I’ll take it. I must say, I was hoping the list would be more interesting but the fact mixed into the exaggeration of each point was mostly so true it seemed a bit pointless! I was sincerely disappointed. It seemed more like an attack on what the Bible says about life than on a denomination. Yes, we have a tract rack. We even have TWO. People need Jesus…what’s the big deal? And that boy who has grown up in Sunday School (because I brought him in my car every week) is now in 6th grade and has experienced the concept of unconditional love and promises that are kept – things which would otherwise have been foreign. I will have to argue that while on vacation we just go to church somewhere else rather than dashing home. That can get a little hairy, though, because you never know when you’ll end up at a more liberal church…like yours! *gasp* Just kidding, just kidding…we at least look for “Baptist” on the sign so we’re good 😉

    But, all teasing aside, the author and other commentators sound very bitter and unhappy so I honestly feel badly for you. I know you scoff at my pity but there it is. No, Baptist churches are not sinless because they are filled with forgiven sinners. And as the word “independent” implies, we are not all alike. Yes, we have strife and faults and hypocrites. Your happy mega churches do too. Wherever there are people, there is sin. But it cannot be pleasant carrying all that bitterness around with you every day. It made me think of this, “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;” It’s a shame, but whattayagonnado? People are people and free to choose their own way. To the author, I hope you’ll be okay someday and if you can find a way to dig out that root I think you’ll find peace. Let God tell you who He is in the letter He wrote for you and you’ll find a love you cannot comprehend.

    Welp…just commented for the sake of the few who posted comments and clearly are rowing the same boat as I! (Hello to all my fellow-tithers!!!) It was fun to read down through comments and feel a little gratified that not everyone was chuckling to themselves – again…why?? I truly don’t understand this one, ha! I think I find it more funny how you all think it IS funny and I’m just over here secretly judging your jeans… ;b

    1. Joy wrote:

      But, all teasing aside, the author and other commentators sound very bitter…

      You obviously didn’t read the entire list… see number 47. Haha, thanks for the confirmation!

  12. I do not know if laugh or cry , almost 30 yrs involved in this , I’m still a Christian , I serve in my church , I’ve learned more since I left the movement , I am happier more devoted Christian than when I was manipulated to go out soulwinning , bus driving ,Sunday school teaching etc

  13. You should do something else with the time God has aloud you.Nonsense is not what people need to hear. This is just another sidetrack from the gospel of of Christ.We are to love one another and build up the church.

  14. Stephen Pipkin-Savage

    sad stuff particularly the responses from obviously brainwashed “bible folks”

  15. Baptists as a whole, are pretty terrible.

  16. Besides I don’t understand why you shouldn’t listen to Contemporary Christian music. Independent Fundamental Baptists are one of the most legalistic Christian groups/

    1. They certainly are!

      1. I mean, why would you think it’s too liberal to sing anything other than hymns in the church because, there are some churches within the Southern Baptist Convention, which is different from the IFB, that have a contemporary music worship in one service and have traditional hymns in another service.

  17. Many of these, yes are extreme, be we also need to not be compromising in some areas. Jesus forgives and loves and he also needs to be honored is all respects. That may mean dressing appropriately and not dis honoring your body because it’s a holy temple. You’re supposed to read the word daily, it says give us this day our daily bread. Sin is sin and the Holy Spirit works in us to pinpoint where we need to change and this happens while we are in the word. I don’t think having two revivals a year is a bad thing as they word states we should continue to get together as believers. If you compromise too much with the world, satan gets in and anything can happen that’s why the word says to stay vigilant. I would of rather take the word literally than follow the world. Tithing is also commanded in the bible and we are to give because he loves us and give with a joyful heart. To love Jesus is to love his word and follow his commands because we love him. When you find Christ, you are a new creation and the spirit helps you to live a life that pleases Him, not us. I grew up in a baptist church and went elsewhere after college and I am learning how liberal other churches are and anything goes as long as the people are happy. It’s NOT ABOUT US! It’s about Jesus. I’m going back to my independent baptist church where there is no compromising. I can tolerate the other bits that go over board as long I am believing the word and get correct non compromising bible teaching. When this life is over, it doesn’t matter! You better be right with God and have your name written in the lambs book of life. Everything is about Him, He is a jealous God. Apart from Him we can do nothing.

  18. Many of those things actually do go on at IFB churches, but several of those things are Biblical. You should have, instead of adding a dozen or so of your comments, said “If you believe everything in the Bible, you might be an Independent Baptist.” Please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we supposed to follow the teachings of the Bible, such as tithing? Anyway, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience at an IFB church, but that doesn’t excuse you for mocking Biblical beliefs.

    1. Most Christians believe everything in the Bible. That’s not unique to the IFB. This list are things that are unique to the IFB. Also, I’m not mocking Biblical beliefs. I’m mocking IFB beliefs – many of which aren’t scriptural.

      BTW, tithing isn’t a Biblical teaching for NT Christians. You should read my article on that:

      1. Don’t get me wrong but tithing is still scriptural, even within the New Testament. Take a look here:

        I’m not IFB but I still believe in tithes and offerings.

        1. I’ve addressed the scriptures about tithing in my article and explain it using proper exegesis and hermeneutics. Did you read it?

          1. I did read it but I still don’t understand their beliefs on it.. But I do know some churches practice free will offerings instead of tithing.

      2. Tithing was around since before the Law of Moses. It’s not an Old Testament Law vs New Testament issue. It’s a Biblical principle that we are commanded to follow.

        1. Simply not true. Those myths are addressed in my article:

          1. You’ll find out one day…

          2. I don’t need to wait. I know the answers now. They are already spelled out in the Bible. They are shared in my article about tithing:

  19. Wow. What an extensive list. I had no idea that I, as an IFB, might be guilty of these things. Be careful that a fanatical or unbiblical few do not cause you to condemn us all as a group. And, aside from the ones you mentioned that are truly sinful (i.e, #17, #53), and the ones that are just inaccurate (i.e, #13, #16, #35), some of these are interesting picks to end up on the list. What’s wrong with a tract rack? Or preferring the KJV? Or deciding not to clap for special music?

    We don’t mind being scrutinized or even judged. Just please be sure that your judging is fair.

    And, I am genuinely sorry if any unbiblical or otherwise wrong IFB group, person or church, has hurt anyone here.

  20. Jonathan I have a question for you..”IF” the wine is grape juice (as in the water Jesus turned to wine)…HOW can you get drunk on it???? I’m pretty sure it WAS/IS alcohol because the bible talks alot about “not getting drunk with wine”….also “take a little wine”, etc.
    The other thing is: Nowhere in the bible are we commanded to attend a regular CHURCH building and dress nice. I love the Lord with all my heart-I attend church when I want and where I want…but mostly I have bible studies with Christian friends in coffee shops, homes, and restaurants and (I usually have on a pair of blue jeans….)(yikes), because I never want to put that church building and hierarchy that rules it above Christ. We ARE the church my friend! Peace

    1. Well I am a little confused. I do think that you can drink but you just can’t be drink which is a legalistic problem within most Independent Fundamental Baptists. I didn’t really say you can get drunk on grape juice but if I did, I might be a little confused.

    2. Yes, DJ! I really like your comment 🙂

  21. Wow! I was married when I attended before and now as a divorced woman, I know I probably would be looked down upon. This list reminded me of a few I forgot about, but one I don’t think you’ve mentioned yet is “If your teenage boys and girls have to be separate and swim in different pools or at different times when you are on a teen outing or camping trip” lol

  22. I forgot to mention my concerns on some of the other beliefs of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church:
    55. I have no position or opinion of this
    54. If you think that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin – That’s not true. ALL sins are forgivable, even homosexuality although it is a detestable sin in God’s eyes. The only sin that is not forgivable is blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. That is the only sin that cannot be forgiven.
    53. If you think that you can be a better Christian or have more favor with the Lord with good performance – You can’t make up for sins nor can salvation be earned. You can be a better Christian IF you repent of your sins and turn away from them and if you can grow spiritually.
    52. I don’t agree with the term, “sowing discord with the brethren” because I agree everything what the Bible teaches.
    51. Belief number 51 is absolutely wrong. Smoking, drinking, partying, dancing, listening to secular music or Contemporary music aren’t sinful though partying can only be sinful if you are drunk. If you party, DO NOT drink. Besides saying that those who practice any of these that aren’t saved is wrong because that is judging. Those who judge people like that WILL BE judged the same way, PERIOD. Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:1-5: Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
    50. We should not tell who are the good and bad Christians because we should treat everyone with love just like God loves every one of us. But what He hates about us is the pride and arrogance in us.
    49. I have no belief, opinion, or position of this
    48. I do agree that any time when you have health issues it’s because of sin which is why God allows pain and suffering.
    47. Anybody who opposes the IFB teaching is bitter – Can’t say that because anybody who opposes BIBLICAL teaching is spiritually blind because they don’t know the truth.
    46. I have no opinion on this
    45. Mental health issues is a result of sin and poor choices – same position with my belief concerning IFB 48.
    44. N/A
    43. N/A
    42. If you attend a church each Sunday with a team of men that keeps track of attendence each Sunday – In our congregation, we do not do that. We only care when we see new faces in the church, whether guests or new members.
    41. N/A
    40. If you pray using the KJV language – I don’t pray like that except when I recite the Lord’s Prayer because nobody talks like that anymore.
    39. If your child is behaving like a child but you think they are rebellious, misbehaving, mischevious, etc. – While I don’t have a general opinion on this, I do believe that we should discipline our kids in the same sense that God disciplines us. We should teach our children of who Jesus is and how we should live a holy or Christian life.
    38. N/A
    37. If you look down on people who are divorce – That is absolutely wrong. While God hates divorce, but we should help those who are divorce so they can grow spiritually.
    36. Independent Fundamental Baptist is NOT a denomination because they are “Independent” – I am not Baptist but they are CLOSE to being a denomination because of their beliefs. Saying that “Baptism is not necessary for salvation but rather it is an obedience to Christ” is a liberal view of baptism and is unbiblical. Plus they believe that one cannot lose his salvation, “Eternal Security, or Once Saved, Always Saved” on the Calvinist view. On the Arminianist view the church I go to now teaches from a biblical standpoint that salvation can still be lost. Even the General Baptists and the Free Will Baptists denounce eternal security, thus the only two Baptist groups that believe in Free Will. Even I believe that if you are living in sin you are getting to the point where you are eventually will lose your salvation.
    35. Attending an IFB church is the only way to hear the true gospel and get saved – There are so many churches that claim the be the one, true, church, especially the Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Anglicans, some Lutherans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, etc. The reality is the ONLY TRUE CHURCH is the church that PRACTICES BIBLICAL TEACHINGS and NOT THAT OF MAN-MADE TEACHINGS because THEY ARE AGAINST THE BIBLE because I do ask the question that why there are so many churches.
    34. All Catholics will not go to heaven is absolutely wrong. Only God decides who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. It’s our personal decisions that cause us to who to hell though most of their practices are not biblical, especially the devotions to the Virgin Mary as they especially have her as the intercessor. From a biblical standpoint, Jesus is the ONLY mediator between God and Man and only Jesus can intercede us. Plus they pray to the saints. We ONLY pray to God because saints don’t serve as mediators to God the Father. Jesus does that. While I am not against crucifixes but using them in public worship is idolatry because the bible forbids idols.
    33. N/A
    32. N/A
    31. While I have no opinions on this I do agree that wives, from a biblical view, should be submissive to their husbands because it’s found in Ephesians 5:22-23: 22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

    23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

    24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

    25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

    26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

    27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

    28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

    29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

    30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

    31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

    32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

    33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.
    30. No official opinion on this though as I said we should discipline our children the same way God disciplines us
    29. I don’t agree with this because there is nothing wrong with going to college.
    28. Same position regarding IFB belief 29.
    27. You feel forced to go door to door preaching – No general opinion on this since door to door preaching within the IFB is very similar to that of the Jehovah’s Witnesses though we should share the gospel to others, especially to those who don’t have Christ in their lives.
    26. Refusing to eat at a restaurant because they serve alcohol – There’s nothing wrong with eating at a restaurant you just can’t order alcohol, that’s all.

    1. Do you realize this was written as humorous piece ?

      1. Yes but this is my concern about the IFB beliefs and I understand this was written to make it funny.

  23. Here are my concerns about the beliefs since I am not Independent Baptist, Southern Baptist, or part of any Baptist affiliation:
    1. King James is the inspired word of God – While I do like the old King James Bible but King James Only is wrong because it’s misleading and it’s legalism.
    2. If you might confuse KJV with KJB – it’s the same thing but it’s a preference on how people might want to call it.
    3. If you think that the other translations are too “wordly” – that right there I don’t like. Again it’s too legalistic.
    4. If you should cut your vacation short you should never miss church – this has happened only once in my life when I went I was on my senior class trip. I wanted to go to church but was not able to. Even when the family goes on vacation, we go to church. We just look for a biblical church to go to.
    5. If you think that tithing of ten percent of your income is the minimum – I don’t have any position on this even though I do believe in tithes and offerings.
    6. If you think that the title “Pastor” is the synonym for “the man of God” – this is not the case in the church I go to. The pastor our local congregation is the “preaching elder” and most Churches of Christ avoid the term, “Pastor”, when addressing their ministers.
    7. If you think anything what the churches teach about salvation is easy believing – this is not true in our congregation. We teach that baptism is necessary for salvation as I get this quote from the King James Version from John 3:5; Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. We also teach that one must hear the Word of God, one must believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, one must repent of your sins, one must confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, one must be baptized for the remissions of sins, and one must live faithful until death.
    8. If you think that three church services per week is the minimum and that you must attend all three every week (Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings for Bible studies which I will assume) – I can’t agree with this, you must attend at least one. Attending all three, in my opinion, is optional. Generally it’s the Pastor, or “Preaching Elder or Minister”, that has to attend multiple services because he has to preach the sermon.
    9. Believing that going to the movies is sinful but not renting them or watching them on TV – I don’t see anything wrong about going to the movies because I went to the movies years ago. I do agree that it’s not sinful about renting movies or watching them on TV.
    10. If you think that other than suits and ties for men is too “casual” for Sundays – While I don’t believe that you must dress up for church with suits and ties, however, I do believe we should honor God in His house by dressing up. Suits and ties are generally not required today for men , except for ministers, though some churches do require suits and ties and I don’t know any that I do of. Back then, you had to wear your Sunday best. You had to wear a tie if you wanted to preach or preside over the Lord’s Supper.
    11. Women’s should not wear pants – This is not the case at my congregation.
    12. More than one earring per ear for women is worldly – I don’t agree that multiple earrings per ear for women is worldly as long it’s not fancy. My mother doesn’t wear fancy earrings.
    13. Using guitars in church is too liberal – That was not the case at the church I grew up in when the last pastor I had when he came to Mountain Church of Christ when he first arrived (which is instrumental though membership is small).
    14. Singing anything other than hymns is too liberal – While I do favor hymns but I don’t see anything wrong with contemporary music since I like a good mix of hymns and contemporary songs.
    15. Clapping after special is music is wrong because it gives praise to performers rather than to God – That statement is wrong. You can clap in church, we did that Mountain, the church I grew up though we didn’t do it very often though.
    16. If your pastor begins his sermon by reading one verse than yells and pounds the pulpit for the next 30 minutes, my current pastor, at Balsam Street Christian Church, doesn’t do any of the two as he doesn’t use the pulpit to preach his sermons anyways. The last pastor I had, at Mountain, would yell sometimes on his sermons to make sense of humor since most of his sermons were pretty funny but never pounded the pulpit. I can’t stand when preachers pound the pulpits because it’s distracting and irritating for me though I am not against preachers yelling as long as they don’t yell too loud.
    17. Reading any other version outside of the King James Version is sin – same concern as I mentioned topic 1
    18. Secular music other than old time gospel hymns is sin – I don’t see anything wrong with rock & roll, oldies music, and country music though it has gotten worse these days than it was years ago but the music I hate the most are hip hop, heavy metal generally, and especially RAP music which my brother likes.
    19. Tattoos are the marks of the Devil – I really don’t know if they are marks of the devil but I do agree that tattoos are sinful even if it’s against the Old Testament. I’ve used tattoos but not permanent ones. I am also against body piercings as well.
    20. If your church sings Just As I Am at the end of every service – We sing that song once in a while since it’s a good invitational song.
    21. A church that has tract rack – I don’t know what they are for but my old church has one for storing hymn books (or hymnals), pew bibles, bible study books, etc.
    22. The pew hymnal is inspired by God – While I favor hymns but I wouldn’t necessarily say that because even though I do use the hymnal, most people at the church I go to now sing from the Power Point.
    23. If your your church funnels in the inner city kids via a bus ministry – We don’t have a bus ministry since the city of the church I go to is small.
    24. Pastor preaches against smoking because it is bad for the body – My preacher never preaches that though there are very few people at my current church that smoke. Smoking in itself is not sin but I do agree that smoking can cause teeth decay, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.
    25. If you believe that that the wine referred to in the bible is nothing more than the “fruit of the vine” – I generally agree with this part especially when it comes to the Lord’s Supper because wine from a biblical perspective is grape juice even though I still question if it is NOTHING MORE than the fruit of the vine.
    Those are my concerns about the 25 topics about the Independent Fundamental Baptist beliefs.

  24. An independent Baptist Missionary (24 years in Romania) has posted a site “The Layman’s Biblical Handbook.” More than 200 doctrines at
    G. M. Matheny

  25. So, are you happy about that, or wanting to change?

  26. I found that 10 of those apply to me and I’m not even IFB.

  27. Some of these are humorous and right on the money. I grew up in a IFB school and then university, so I can totally relate. However, some (I agree O’grodnik) are unfair and judgmental. For example, #54. Believing it’s a sin is one thing, believing it’s an unforgivable sin is another. Clearly only one unforgivable sin is mentioned in the Bible (KJV even) and that isn’t it. Also, #55 – there has only been and will ever only be one perfect person. We will never attain that on this side. Like I said, funny post, but a bit judgmental as well. I don’t think it’s as bad as all this, but that’s my 2 cents and maybe I’m still on the “inside.”

  28. Quite the contrary, I was searching for something else when I clicked on this link, so I didn’t then and don’t now come looking to argue. I am a member of an IFB church, Many things on the above list don’t apply to the church I attend or those with which I have had the opportunity to attend. The ones that do apply, I don’t see a problem with (ie, we do have a track rack and we do have a van that picks up from surrounding neighborhoods and I do enjoy attending church 3 times a week and would enjoy more if possible.) I understand that it’s hard to convey emotions when typing, but the above list does not have the feel that it was done with a spirit of love but one of condemnation. If I have misunderstood I apologize. Lastly, I can’t really respond to the “think that there’s something “spiritual” about tolerating abuse” because I have no idea where that’s coming from in my initial post. God Bless.

  29. If you (like Jason) come to this site to criticize sarcasm by hypocritically using sarcasm, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

    By the way Jason, if you think there’s something “spiritual” about tolerating abuse, I feel sorry for you.

    1. Great retort Steve!

      What a typical, legalistic comment from Jason. Sometimes it makes you wonder if they have EVER read/learned anything from Jesus!

  30. Wow, nice list. Maybe one day I can reach your level of acceptance and spirituality. Then, I can display my tolerance by making of list of things that I disagree with someone else about and make fun of them. That apparently is what Christ would do. God Bless.

  31. Hey there. I found this site while checking for deceptions in different denominations, starting with Mormons. I’ve read all the comments posted so far, but I don’t fall into many of those categories as an IFB and I’ve been an IFB for almost 13yrs now. The key is that you’re not suppose to JUST sit under the teaching/preaching of anyone without reading the Bible, seeking wisdom from God, and fellow shipping with people who are interested in drawing closer to God. They all work together. You don’t just GO WITH THE FLOW. the Bible teaches us to “prove and test matters.” As I sit under preaching, sing worship songs unto the Lord, pray earnestly, read my Bible as often as I can, and search through commentaries to help me gain a deeper knowledge instead of surface reading, I KNOW I’m drawing closer to God in a personal relationship with Him. I also KNOW the areas that He’s not pleased with as I choose to hold on to that which the Bible clearly states as sin. I can be more specific and categorize your list of 55 things to give some examples as you asked O’Grodnik to do, but it wouldn’t be to diminish what you and others have experienced. The list is quite helpful just in case one is wondering if they’re living through the motions or not though, but some things are definitely unbiblical to do whether you’re IFB or not. Thanks for reading!

  32. If you run into a church member at the grocery store and see that they have a bottle of wine or maybe a 6-pack of beer in their cart and you struggle over whether you should share this information with your pastor, you might be and independent fundamental Baptist!

  33. If you question if you’re truly saved or not when you’re having trouble accepting that giviing 10% of your gross income is a direct commandment for all Christians and if you dont give it, you’re under a curse.

    If you’ve been taught that robbing God (not giving 10% of gross income) is the special, one specific sin that will cause God to lift all protection of your life and allow satan FULL LIBERTY to destroy you.

  34. If your eyes quickly scan down to see if a fellow female church member is wearing the acceptable skirt, dress or koulotts outside of church, and Heaven forbid she’s wearing capri’s or pants!! when you run into her at Wal*Mart

    When you discover that female is indeed wearing the acceptable dress, skirt or koulotts you’re so relieved to know that she’s “right with God” !

  35. You ALWAYS have your KJV Bible with you at church, and turn to numerous verses each sermon. You consider it a personal failure if you are not able to find a verse within ten seconds, and secretly proud if you are able to find it right away. If you consider it worldly and almost frightening if someone brings a different version of the Bible to church, and wonder what your Pastor would say if he knew, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

    1. So funny and right on!

  36. @ O’Grodnik

    Such as…??? Care to elaborate, provide examples?

  37. Some of these are very much right on the money. Others are very much unfair criticism.

  38. If your church allows no outside group of singers to perform at your church for fear that not all of their individual theologies line up with the church’s you might be an independent fundamental Baptist.

  39. I love this!! Was so funny reading it, one thing that struck me is if an outsider were to read it they’d be incredulous, wondering how we stuck with it for so long. The thing is, it’s so insidious, you don’t really realize it’s happening until you’re firmly entrenched. Only thing I’ll add to the list is, “You might be an IFB if you greet all visitors with huge smiles, handshakes, and extreme cheerfulness.” I feel sorry for all the visitors we almost accosted now; no wonder some never came back! Great job adding a bit of levity!

    1. “insidious” – I like that word. The IFB – Insidious Fundamental Baptist Church 🙂

      1. Good point Steve! I actually looked up the word just now (Random House Websters College Dictionary), and here are the definitions:

        1.) intended to entrap or beguile

        2.) stealthily treacherous or deceitful

        3.) operating or proceeding inconspicuously but with grave effect.

        Hmm, I can’t think of a better word to describe the workings of the IFB! 🙂

  40. I thought of another one…

    If your church as at least 2 “Revivals” per year, you might be an Independent Fundamental Baptist.

    1. Three words – vacation bible school *shiver*

  41. That was an extensive list, and sooooo true!

  42. Wow! This is very good. I found myself laughing at quite a few of these because they are things that I used to believe.

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